Mobile Grooming Services for Dogs

All-inclusive SERVICES

Our bathing and grooming are all-inclusive services. This means we don't charge for add-ons since there are none. Every service is custom tailored to the needs of your pet, includes the high-end, premium products and pet health services that other grooming salons usually up-charge for. We strive to provide the highest quality pet services because we care!


Regular baths are an important part to maintaining the health of your pet. Often, the bath is where you notice the first signs of skin or heath issues. Bathing your dogs monthly can keep you up to date on what is going on with your pet's health and can identify potential health concerns before they are a serious problem. We will work with you to choose a bathing solution that's perfect for the needs of your pet.

Bath prices vary by dog size and coat type. Dog bath process includes pre-bath brushing, nail trim/grind, ear plucking (if needed), ear cleaning, teeth brushing, bath with premium shampoo, conditioner, tear-free face wash, massage, anal gland expression (if needed), towel off, hand blow dry, post-bath brush out, cologne spray and pet accent of your choice. We even do a trim around the feet and sanitary area if needed.

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We offer two trypes of all-inclusive grooming: Clips and De-shed. We do pet clips, which are a style you choose that works best for you and your pet's lifestyle, as well as breed standard grooms. De-shed grooms are for dogs with shedding coats where we take extra time and effort to remove as much shedding coat, undercoat and loose hair as possible. Since grooming takes time, we take breaks often to cut down on hip and joint fatigue as well as mental stress that often comes with being away from home.


Our dog grooming process includes pre-bath brushing, nail trim/grind, ear plucking and cleaning, teeth brushing, bath with premium shampoo and conditioner, tear-free face wash, massage, anal gland expression (if needed), towel off, hand blow dry, haircut of your choice by one of our professional pet stylists, cologne spray and pet accent of your choice.


For dogs that shed, they get all the perks of our all-inclusive bathing service as well as an extra de-shed brushing treatment specifically for their coat. De-shed includes, Chi® Pet - Shed Control Shampoo and conditioner or FURminator shampoo and conditioner, high velocity dryer blow out and an extra brushing treatment using FURminatorZoomGroom or Chris Chistensen brushing tools. After our de-shed treatment, you can expect 90% less shedding and when done monthly, can keep even the furriest of coats under control.

Grooming prices vary by dog size, coat type and condition of coat. If your dog requires extensive brushing and dematting, it will cost more than the estimated quote. 

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Massage and Brushing - INCLUDED with Bath or Groom

Pamper your pet with a professional pet massage or brushing. Young and old pups alike can enjoy the benefit of pet massage. Older dogs can benefit from our gentle stretching and massage to encourage blood flow and muscle flexibility which helps to keep them limber. Young pups can enjoy the same benefits and they love the extra attention and handling from our massages. 

Brushing helps to cut down on shedding at home, keep fur from developing mats and spread around the natural oils in the coat which encourage healthy and nourished skin. We have many different brushes, combs and tools to aid in brushing, deshedding and dematting and have the perfect solution for your pup.


Pet Accents - Included with Bath or Groom

Pet accents are included with a bath or groom and are a way to share some of your personal style with your pup.

Pet Accent Options:

  • Bows/Bandanna

  • Chalking

  • Nail Pawlish (Pink)

  • Feathering

Paw, Ear, dental and Other Pet health Services - Included with bath or Groom

Nail Care

A dogs paws are the way it touches the world and paw health is extremely important. Regular nail trimming or filing will keep the nails in good health and your pup happy. Nails left to grow long can cause damage to the paw and become painful to walk on. Regular walks and playtime can help naturally file a dogs nail but usually they need a little help from us.

Paw Pad Care

Large breeds can develop dry, cracking pads which can lead to painful paws and a cranky pup. We offer a solution to your pup's dry and cracking pad with a pad hydration and massage treatment. We also offer a pad protection treatment with all natural human grade wax. When applied to the pad, it acts acts as an invisible boot and breathable barrier from hot pavement and prevents abrasions. It is hypoallergenic, nontoxic and can be applied weekly to your active pup's pads.

  • Musher's Secret® Pet Paw Protection Wax

  • Burt's Bees® Paw & Nose Lotion

Ear Cleaning

Dogs with continuous growing coats typically have continuously growing ear hair that must be plucked and the ear cleaned. Dogs with long or floppy ears can also be at risk for developing ear infections if the ears are not checked or cleaned on a regular basis. We use an ear powder to pluck the hair and clean out any debris with a gentle PH balanced ear cleaning solution leaving the ear clean and odor free.

Dental Care

As humans we are told to brush twice a day for optimal dental health. Your pup's dental health is equally as important. Brushing your pet's teeth is essential to maintain healthy gums and teeth. Dental chews and chew toys help to dislodge tartar. We offer tooth brushing service to help promote good dental health. Without good dental care, your pup can develop gum disease and tooth decay which can make eating, playing, or even receiving pets and pats, a painful experience.

Anal Gland Expression

We also offer anal gland expression when requested. The anal glands contain fluid that other dogs can smell which help them identify each other - like a stinky handshake. However, sometimes these glands produce more fluid than the dog needs and they "express" them through regular bowel movements. It only becomes an issue when they can't express them the natural way and they resort to scooting on couches and carpets. Not all dogs need their glands expressed but when they do, we can take care of that for you.

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