Mobile Grooming Services for Cats

Common Cat Issues

  • Does your cat have sharp nails that scratch you or furniture?

  • Does your cat shed a lot?

  • Does your cat get litter stuck in their paws?

  • Is your cat very oily?

  • Has your cat stopped licking itself?

  • Does your cat have problems with hairballs?

  • Does your cat get tangles, mats or have a pelted coat?

  • Does your cat have dry, flaky skin or dandruff?

  • Does your cat smell?

These are all common problems that preventative maintenance grooming can eliminate when done on a regular schedule. We often think that cats groom themselves. However, cats lick themselves. They ingest their loose hairs which can cause health problems related to hairballs. All cats produce oils on their skin. With long haired cats, these oils in their coat build up causing tangles especially behind the ears, base of tail, as well as under the arms and legs. To truly clean a cat, you must remove dead skin, hair, spit, urine, fleas and stuck on feces. This can be accomplished during a groom with nice warm water and cat specific shampoo, followed up with a refreshing blow dry. A clean cat is a happy cat.

Did you know that people with cat allergies are not actually allergic to cat fur? Feline allergies are caused by FEL D1 which is a protein produced largely in cat saliva and by their sebaceous glands. Once a cat licks their coat, the allergen-laden saliva dries and becomes airborne, increasing likelihood for a reaction. If the cat is groomed on a regular schedule it controls the problem by keeping FEL D1 to a minimum.

cat Bath Myths

  • Cats don’t need baths because they groom themselves. False. Cats lick themselves as mentioned above. Cats may try to keep themselves clean but they need a bath with cat specific soap to effectively remove their hair, dead skin and saliva. Don’t you love when your purring puff ball lays on your pillow or lap. Keep in mind of how they ate that tuna treat early and then “groomed” themselves by spreading their tuna spit and oils all over their body. You wouldn’t want a dog that just ate stinky fish to cover itself with saliva and lay on you. Cat baths actually get your cat clean and cuddle fresh. A clean cat is a happy cat.

  • Cats will DIE if they are bathed. False. Baths do not cause cat deaths. This is a myth that is perpetuated by stories of cats dying after baths but these cases are not caused by the bath but by the stress the bather puts on the cat. It is of the utmost importance to identify a cat in stress since it can be fatal. Baths conducted by a grooming professional are the safest way to groom your cat.

  • My cat will kill you if you try to put water on it. False. Most cats tolerate a warm bath quite well. Sometimes home baths are attempted in a shocking manner to cats which cause them to be fearful and attempt to escape by any means. Cats also do not tolerate water poured directly on their heads, which can commonly occur in a home setting with an untrained cat bather. Cat groomers are taught to understand feline cues and keep a cat as calm and controlled as possible so they do not endanger their groomer.

Cat Grooming Services

Short hair Full Coat Groom

Includes nail trim, sanitary trim, ear cleaning, bath with hypo-allergenic shampoo, tear-free face wash, hand blow dry and brush out.

Long hair full coat groom

Includes nail trim, sanitary trim, ear cleaning, bath with hypo-allergenic shampoo, tear-free face wash, hand blow dry, brush out and face trim for Persian types.

Trimming, shaving and other services

We offer professional services that cut down on shedding, rid them of mats and enhance their breed specific look.

  • Belly Shave - A belly shave can cut down on the mats that occur underneath the belly.

  • Comb Cut - When you don’t feel a complete lion cut is necessary yet want your cat to have a shorter hair style, a comb cut is a good solution.

  • Lion Cut - This is a great option if a cat is severely matted or pelted. It also is a great way to cut down on shedding, hairballs and keeps your cat much cooler.

  • Ruff Trim (neck trim) - This is a great trim to prevent the ruff from getting wet or dirty when the cat eats and drinks or to keep the ruff hairs caught in its mouth when licking. It creates and over-all neater, and more maintenance-free condition for cats with longer ruffs.

  • Toe tuft trim - Toe tufts grow between the bottom of the feet between the toes and on the cop of paws. Trimming the tufts enhances the look of the feet.

  • Soft Paws (nail cap application) - (Front, Back or Both) - Nail caps are blunt tips that go over a cat’s nails and protect furniture, skin, screens and other pets from sharp cat nails.

  • De-Shedding treatment - Shedding is an issue with most cats. Short haired cats often shed more than long haired cats. A de-shedding treatment when done on a regular basis cuts down on the hair a cat may lick thus helps prevent hairballs.

  • Face trim - Face trims are breed-specific. Persians, Exotics, Himalayans need trimming of the eyelashes, around the face, ear tippings and gentle plucking on the tophead and cheeks. Ragdolls, Ragamuffins, Birmans and similarly typed domestic longhairs need trimming of the eyelashes and possible trimming of the forehead.

  • Flea Bath - Bathing a cat with fleas will kill the fleas and their eggs. You must also eliminate fleas in your cat’s environment to keep them from returning(spraying, cleaning and/or applying flea prevention the cat and to all animals in the home).


These are the items that have a surcharge since they are completely avoidable with preventative maintenance grooming.

  • Severe Matting

  • Fecal Removal

  • Pelt Removal

  • Biter Fee (due to matting discomfort)

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