Tips for a better grooming experience for your pets (and Us)

Dog Owners

  • Try to take your dog for a walk, jog, run or trip to the dog park prior to your appointment. Getting out that high, nervous or fearful energy before a grooming session can help keep them calm and groomers happy. Less wiggles mean better clips too.
  • Try to get your dog to use the bathroom before the appointment. For grooming services your dog might be staying with us for up to two hours. Give them a good opportunity to "go" beforehand since your pup might feel the need to "hold it" in a new or strange environment which can make them anxious or uncomfortable.

Cat Owners

  • For cats, we will let you know when we are on the way. If you have your own kitty carrier, it's very helpful to put them in it prior to arrival since they may get spooked by doorbells and strangers. We will provide a kitty carrier if you don't have one but request that you have your kitty located and ready for loading. It's often a good thing to confine them so they don't become shy and disappear on arrival.